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Having your own website is a giant first step to online success. Because of advances in technology, those with little technical knowledge can have their very own Website up and running in less than a day at little cost. With the blogging software included with many Webhost providers, the only other cost to run a Website is a domain name which can run as little as $10 per year.
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Classified Advertising

Classifieds ads are very cost effective and can produce fast results. Nowadays, ads appear not only in newspapers and magazines but online. Many Web communities and marketplaces offer both paid and free classified ads. Many people make use of online advertising resources such as ebay, Craigslist, and Bonanzle.

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Marketing on the Internet

Since the Internet is an information resource, a powerful way of building a brand is to publish information that people can quote and redistribute. Your objective is to be seen as an expert on a particular subject that is directly related to a product or service offered. Marketing is critical since the best products and services in the world won't sell if people can't find them.
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Domain Names & Website Hosting

In web hosting, a platform refers to an operating system that stores critical files, gives basic commands, and tells the server how to interact with applications. Most servers that host Websites use Linux or Windows.


To host a Website you must first aquire a domain name. Register a domain that describes what your Website is about and the keyword or keywords customers are likely to use when they search for your product or service.

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Designing a Website

Having an online presence does not require the technical know how it has in the past. There are many computer software applications and online Web tools that have simplified the process of creating and managing a blog or Website. Website success does require a willingness to add new content and sometimes make updates to existing pages. The only thing absolutely required is a Website hosting account and preferably a personal domain name. With little time you can make a useful and informative contribution to the World Wide Web.
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Internet Advertising

Advertising on the Internet is a good way to make a small advertising budget reach a large number of people. There are several ways of advertising a Website. These techniques include advertising banners, text link ads, traffic exchange networks and reciprocal linking.
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Help Wanted Ads & Networking

Local and regional employers don't always post on major jobs sites like Monster but instead may advertise in a local newspaper to avoid being overwhelmed with job applicants. This is especially true when few or even a single employment position is open.


Many print newspapers, especially daily papers, have online editions which list help wanted classified ads. These employment ads are typically searchable by date, category, keyword and employer location. Online, Craigslist is a valuable job search tool if you’re looking for a position with a small to midsize company. There are new listings every day.

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